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To duke it out
Ay fa sho nigga u wanna squabble wit dis bitch "oh fa sho"
by BenTo SuShi May 13, 2004
A particulary apt ability to prevail in a physical altercation esp. a fight or one possessing above average skill in fighting.
Tito just boobood Duane. That boy has mad squabbles!
by st44 August 31, 2006
Verb: to fight
But are you squablin' though? Usually uttered as two pseudo-toughs urge the other to start hitting when both are too afraid to begin in the first place.
by Fergus McCool September 04, 2003
A make trouble, talk head, try and start a fight
This nigga gots squabbles!
by Pwnage April 21, 2005
A pack of midgets. What groups of midgets are called. Similar to a "pack" of wolves.
If you look just over the horizon you will see that squabble of midgets ravaging their women.
by Shannekka October 29, 2003
A website home to rejected shackers. Apparently, it's very hip to hate the shack at squabble.

I visit Squabble because I was banned from the shack. Now I'm cool and those guys are total losers. Totally.
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
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