Goblin is a created fictional character that was created for an excuse when getting caught doing something.
Man 1: Hey did you tap me?
Man 2: No it was Goblin
by L1v3r5p0t5 October 06, 2006
When a person who went out looking good has drank way to much and is now looking like a mess
Shaylee - Kaylan do u see Nikkis Face
Kayaln- OMG Nikki you look like a Goblin
by Nikki m l March 10, 2010
1) An unruly child.

2) Any child that has not learned manners or ettiquette, especially a newborn baby.
"Did you hear that my sister popped a goblin?"

"Really? Now there's going to be a goblin running around her house! Ha ha! You are an uncle!"
by sam ward May 27, 2007
A creature that re-emerges after long periods of hiberation. Invites long ignored acquaintances for social engagements mainly on the golf course.
The reason for hiberation is uncertain. It is either due to being (happily) stuck under a large thumb for several years or due to having spent 18 months finishing a fucking road race of approximately 26 miles. Slow cunt. See 'RUFUS?'
Fuck me, look at that slow goblin cunt, he's 2 fucking miles behind the spastic with no fucking legs. 3 months from now when he reaches the finishing line, he'll be looking for a game of golf. The cunt.
by Andrew Mathieson Cheater May 13, 2005
A man who acts sneaky and plays tricks on his own family.

Tendencies include:

-Mumbling to self
-Chuckling to self.
-Stashing chocolate, crisps and electric toothbrush heads in own secret locked cupboard.
-Excessive use of possessive nouns eg. where are "MY" nail clippers, Who's taken "MY" wratchet, Who's seen "MY" Hoover?
-Usually a Bike/Golf/Stamp/LARPING/WOW/Vegetable Raising Fanatic.
-Reads Old Bike Mart

Physical Traits-

-Spikey or hook like nose.
-Cheeky grin
-Whispy hair.

Also can be called Goblinos. Mexican.

Dude, my dad just stayed up all night watching Chop Shop and ate all my easter egg. He's a frigging goblin.

by huffikhkhhbjbkhh December 26, 2008
a goblin is a person usually a G whos strapped to take out the GOON thats tryin to murk you.
nigga my goblin just murked ur goon!
by ghostface420 July 26, 2008
A short, thin, hunched, and highly intelligent Kobalic creature. Goblins are normally peaceful and quite wise, but can turn savage if enslaved or engaged in war. Tolkien seems to think they're always that way, but I think he just had a little run-in with one when he was a kid. That could've been in the First Age of Middle Earth for all I know.

Goblins are sworn enemies of Dwarves, perhaps for their shared love of gold and treasure.
Ludo sat nervously at the table with the Goblins, trying to get an extension. Then one of them decided to show him the seriousness of his debt by pulling out a hammer and a plastic bag with two grapes in it.
by Melanie October 10, 2003
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