Mostly used as a term for Girls, or a Vagina, but in Weston-S-Mare and surrounding areas in the South West we mean rubbish, shit, not good!
That ziggy was gash, u cant roll a zoot properly
by MegGus1 August 06, 2007
derogatory term for a weak/subordinate/non alpha male.
Oi gash! I'm next. to add insult to injury ( whilst pushing in )
by Shushdotcom September 03, 2009
1: Pussy
2: Something that is shitter than shit.
(Something containing the quality of being gash is "Gashment")
ie "that pass was gash" or "last night was gash"
by DerekBlazzo August 20, 2008
word often used by maeve and jess to describe a womans vagina
"Lick my gash fuckface"
by Tommo B March 20, 2007
A word used to describe female genitalia.
"My gash is sore."
"I've got gash itch."
by Lord David Wright March 25, 2006
London colloquial word for ice coffee.
'I'm so thirsty, major craving for some gash!'
by english literature January 22, 2013
the correct terms in ENGLAND are

female vagina

a deep cut

unless your from the west cuntry lol
shes got a nice gash

thats a nasty gash you got
by theessexmole April 22, 2009
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