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to constantly or continouously do something
I stay sleepintg in on Saturday.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
the place where you live. Implies a temporary living situation, (even if it's at home with your parents for your whole life)
She stays with her auntie on Euclid Av.
Or, "Where do you stay (live)?"
by clare radigan January 17, 2004
Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories' famous single. It is widely known, easily sung, and catchy enough to overpower any earworms currently lodged in your brain.

However, unlike most popular songs that become earworms, Stay doesn't have a chorus. As a result, most people don't know all the lyrics. They'll wind up singing two or four lines that they do remember, often in the wrong order, and then get quickly tired of singing it.

Hence, Stay is the ultimate earworm cure.
And you say, "Stay."
And you say I only hear what I want to...So.
by tofoomeister July 11, 2007
physically or verbally all over some one.
That bitch over they on the dance floor was "up in my stays"

My teacher was "up in my stays" about not handing in that assignment! Biotch!
by PX January 16, 2004
When you are straight but you like gay/lesbian people
girl 2: Isn't he like gay?
girl 1:idk
girl 2:OMG u r so stay
by <3 baby <3 princezz <3 November 06, 2008
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