Lots of fine/nice girls

"Lets go to the park there is bare gash there"
by Jimmy-J March 09, 2008
gash means girlgriend
"Im meeting ma gash today
by 67grey October 19, 2007
Abbreviation for Gonorrhoea, AIDS, Syphilis and Herpes
John suffered a serious case of the GASH after his trip to Thailand.
by Dr Word October 11, 2007
another word for rank, or discusting! usually referring to food that don't look right!
"thats gash!"
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
A girls pussy, or you call a girl "A gash"
"Bruv where's da gash?" - Mate where's the girls?

"Cuz your girl has got some grim gash!" - Mate your girl friend has a horrible pussy

"Some Bare hairy gash"
by Chris Menzies June 06, 2006
Girls with Ass and Sexual Hoe-potential
Did you see that gash walk past?
by Dionysia November 27, 2005
like the word 'pants' but more vulgar, denoting something as shit, rubbish.
That movie was pretty gash..
by buck March 02, 2005

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