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A word used to describe female genitalia.
"My gash is sore."
"I've got gash itch."
by Lord David Wright March 25, 2006
22 23
play shite at something.
: he was playing absolutly gash last night at football.
by tic tacs aye May 04, 2009
1 3
the correct terms in ENGLAND are

female vagina

a deep cut

unless your from the west cuntry lol
shes got a nice gash

thats a nasty gash you got
by theessexmole April 22, 2009
2 4
Basically means somethings really crap
'Yeh so my dog died today'

'Aww man thats gash'
by Bethy..x November 24, 2008
2 4
is not a vey nice word for vagina
Boy-ite babes wanna be my gash for tonight?
Girl-*Slap round the face* Gash is not a nice word
by eddiie_ October 29, 2008
3 5
A deep Cut... Also the name given to unfortunate people.
A seamans term for surplus equipment. Again not necessarily a sexual term since some people are called Gash.
My My... thats a deep Gash you have!!
Chuck it... its Gash. Again nothing sexual.
by Gash Bhullar January 03, 2008
7 9
London slang. A derogatory name for a girl/woman, referring to the appearance of her genitals.

Also used in a derogatory way towards men/boys who can't get laid.
"Oh my days blud, u seen dat hot gash over there?"

"Ya dun kno fam, I need sum of dat, standard"

"Yeah, but you can't get no gash you wasteman"
by Rob-The-947-SW11 August 05, 2008
10 13