play shite at something.
: he was playing absolutly gash last night at football.
by tic tacs aye May 04, 2009
the correct terms in ENGLAND are

female vagina

a deep cut

unless your from the west cuntry lol
shes got a nice gash

thats a nasty gash you got
by theessexmole April 22, 2009
Basically means somethings really crap
'Yeh so my dog died today'

'Aww man thats gash'
by Bethy..x November 24, 2008
is not a vey nice word for vagina
Boy-ite babes wanna be my gash for tonight?
Girl-*Slap round the face* Gash is not a nice word
by eddiie_ October 29, 2008
Meaning Sexy(Fit Fuckable Ect.) Girl
man1: Oi boys come over here!
man1:Theres bare gash here!
man2:See ya ina sec ;)
by CO2 Mandem October 23, 2008
A deep Cut... Also the name given to unfortunate people.
A seamans term for surplus equipment. Again not necessarily a sexual term since some people are called Gash.
My My... thats a deep Gash you have!!
Chuck it... its Gash. Again nothing sexual.
by Gash Bhullar January 03, 2008
London slang. A derogatory name for a girl/woman, referring to the appearance of her genitals.

Also used in a derogatory way towards men/boys who can't get laid.
"Oh my days blud, u seen dat hot gash over there?"

"Ya dun kno fam, I need sum of dat, standard"

"Yeah, but you can't get no gash you wasteman"
by Rob-The-947-SW11 August 05, 2008

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