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A country that is full of cunts
France is a cuntry.
by Assholes Inc. August 25, 2003
A noun derived from a mis-spelling of the word country and its containing of the word cunt.

It is used to describe a country which is seen by the rest of the world as somewhat of a douche for some reason or another, whether it being its political stance, scaremongering, illegal wars, human rights infringements or anything else seen as objectionable by the person describing the country.

It is advisable to not use this definition in polite company.
Under the Bush administration, the USA has become the biggest cuntry this world has ever seen.

Of course, they'll soon be overtaken by China due to its high profile human rights breaches, not to mention the number of coal-powered power stations being opened and polluting the atmosphere.
by DaveZeroZero March 26, 2008
A geographical area filled with cunts.
-The Canadian Province Of Quebec Is A Cuntry hense it is full of cunts, more specificaly quebecunts.
by Karlbang September 30, 2005
1. A very versatile word, punning on "cunt" and "country"; usually refers to a large congregation of people otherwise viewed as cunts. Emphasis must be placed on "cunt" when speaking in order not to confuse your listeners with its homonym "country".

2. On that note, there is also a distinct military or governmental association with the word, in the sense that "cuntry" can reference a sort of cavalry of cunts. Of course, the two definitions share much in common, and this second is only intended as a clarification.
"Do you see the CUNTry over at that table? They will *not* shut the fuck up about their hair."
by nonmerci April 14, 2009
totally country. about as country as one can get.
being, or something that is, extremely redneck,hick, etc.
"Did that girl just put a dip in?"
"Yeah, she's so cuntry, dude."

One could say that going mudding is pretty country. Going muddin while wearing mossy oak camo, packing a dip, drankin a beer and hollerin "Ooooweeeee! Yip yip!" or "Yeehaw!" is cuntry.

Ain't nothin wrong with bein cuntry!
by Guinnevere November 05, 2008
Not to be confused with COUNTRY (a defunct art embodied by George Jones, Hank Williams Sr., Waylon Jennings, & Merle Haggard), cuntry is noxious noise with all the lyrical heft & musicality of a pussy fart. Its prefab "artists" are pressed into one of the following molds:

Cowboy-Behatted Butt Puppets In Sleeveless Tees (Toby Keith, Lil' Kenny Chesney, Garth Fuckin' Brooks)


Strong Independent Women Who DAMN Sure Ain't A-Gonna Stand By Their Man (the Dixie Chicks, husband murder fantasist Martina McBride)

Their "songs" are concocted on Nashville assembly lines to the demands of oily, kinky-headed record company jews. The lyrics are calibrated to A:

Stroke the eggshell-fragile egos of stupid women:

I"Oh darlin', ah know ah've been a low-down dirty dawg. Please fuhgive me so ah kin come home 'n' paint yer toenails 'n' change the baby's shitty diaper..."/I


Appeal to deballed males with empty "Redneck Rebel" bullshit:

I"Yeah, boy, me 'n' my buds're gonna grab us a keg, hop in our 4-by-4s 'n' git some mud on them tars - mebbe even shoot our guns in the air! 'Cause that's how we roll!"/I

The relationship of country to cuntry is like that of aged cheddar to month-old dick cheese. Avoid it at all costs if you value your life.
Cuntry girl fan in straw cowgirl hat & midriff-baring blouse: "I'm off to see Tim McGraw! He's, like, SOOOOO hawt 'n' shit! I can't wait!!"

Me: KA-POW!!
by NBFORREST1 April 30, 2011
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