The CORRECT 3 meanings (a common misconception is a female is a gash in england, never have i heard a woman called a gash and i wouldn't advise trying it either)

1. A female vagina

2. A cut

3. Something bad

1. That bird has a lovely looking gash, she showed us in the pub. it did smell tho which put us off

2. I got a massive gash on my arm

3. Work was gash today
by gashFC December 18, 2008
A highly organized, vigilant, alliance self charged with the promotion of women's rights in this politically correct society. GASH stands for: Guys Against Sexual Harassment
"Dude,I like totally support G.A.S.H."
by Voodoochyl October 05, 2006
Vagina; female genitalia

Origin - possibly due to appearance but more likely a reference to menstruation as the word properly means a wound (bleeding). Not a nice word to hear in a sexual context but evocative of monthly messes - e.g
In the past few days my "cunt" has officially changed identity and become my "gash"
by Su France March 27, 2007
Another way of saying something is not very good.

Replacement word for rubbish,shit,boring,crap
Well that was gash.

person 1 "How was your day"
person 2 "It was gash!"
by noloafing November 16, 2010
A gash is another word for cunt
The girl has a nice gash
by Bill Washington March 24, 2008
gash is a womans pussy, vagina or fanny
Last night i fucked her hard in the arse and her gash
by nigga a'ight November 06, 2006
Vaginal lips and everything to do with the lady love hole.
Ashley, your mother has some sort of addiction to rubbing my chode against her gash.
by Claire1212 June 26, 2006

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