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Sweet, sweet pussy
I dove for her gash and began dining at the Y with a vigorous enthusiasm that had her screaming in ecstacy in short order
by Sed8ed March 22, 2004
There is three real definitions to this word.

1) A cut.

2) A womans pussy.

3) A girl/woman.

Used mainy in east london but also in urban areas all over England.
1) Thas a horrible cut you got from tht blade.

2) Ohhh I would love to poke that gash.

3) Check that gash man, she is fit as fuck, i think im going to link her.
by Jordan Storm Paris January 04, 2008
The vagina, often thought to be a cut revealing flesh.
Gash can be used as an insult also.
'your such a gash face'
'That spesh girl is well a gash'
by bettyspesh January 10, 2007
Cuthbert: I pulled this fucking bird last night. She was a right rotter.

Marmaduke: What did you do?

Cuthbert: I ate a fucking banana out of her gash!
by Steeman May 06, 2005
A slang word used to describe a womans genitalia.
The word is of Jamaican origins yet is also used all over the carribean and the in UK.The word is also used in the word 'wastegash' meaning a girl(sometimes a man) who is considered a waste of space,but can also be used as an insult meaning that the perosn is the eqivelant of a prostitute.
Stop acting like a wastegash bruv!
by waltwilliams32 March 19, 2011
debaaarb. a girl who is a massive walking clungeface (See Clunge) noun or adjective, depending on use.
Phil: "Oh my god! Would you look at gash today!" (Noun)
Jeff: "Oh yeah!! She's totally all 'gash and tings' (Adj) roflzomg till we pass out..."
Phil: "Lay off the drone, yeah?" (See Drone)
by gashandtings June 22, 2010
Mostly used as a term for Girls, or a Vagina, but in Weston-S-Mare and surrounding areas in the South West we mean rubbish, shit, not good!
That ziggy was gash, u cant roll a zoot properly
by MegGus1 August 06, 2007