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Buy It Now. If you were to buy something you can offer a buy it now price.
You offer 200? I BIN for 250.
by robwondersz August 31, 2006
206 71
Spectacles (as in glasses). "Bins" is an abbreviation of binoculars.
Check out that guy's bins! They're like the bottoms of jam jars! He must be well blind.
by theFunction May 22, 2006
74 16
joey- "yoo madisson is in the bin"
drake- "that's fcked yoo"
by BEANNZZ. February 07, 2009
85 41
1. n. What British, Irish, and Australian people, in their wisdom, call a garbage can.

2. v. To deposit something in said garbage can. Metaphorically, to jettison a person from one's social orbit.

British Person - Please bin that rubbish.
American Person - I beg your pardon?
British Person - By which I mean, please place it in that bin.
American Person - Oh, I see!
British Person - And please do it quickly or I'll be forced to bin you as well.
American Person - I certainly wouldn't want that, friend.
British Person - Nor would I, friend. Nor would I.
by Rutherford B. Hayes August 28, 2007
88 45
To get something done but slightly funnier.

Term for money
'Get it binned' - Get it done

'Top binner' - Top scorer

'Get her binned' - Have sex with her

'Bin it off' - dont do it

'That was 30 bins' - that was £30
by DillyWeamer September 17, 2013
10 3
more generally, girls, or anything relating to sexual activity with a female.
Let's go pound some bin tonight boys!
That's some dusty bin anyways
Slammin' some bin tonight er what?
Let's pick up some bin.
by McDusty! May 17, 2010
44 39
acronym for Back In Nam. The true definition is unknown.
BIN for life.
by Tom Wellington February 13, 2012
8 6