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It means Cool, or Fresh.
Damn that new car is Frosty
by 219Crew November 04, 2007
18 20
verb. to be getting high, or being high. noun. frotsyness is weed.
bro we got some sick frostyness last night, and then get got mad frosty from it.
by Vito October 28, 2007
4 6
Depending on usage can be Proper Noun, Noun, Adjective or Verb. A reference to a big time pimp. Cold on hoes.
I had to get Frosty on that hoe. Frosty J is cold on dem hoes.
by Frosty J June 22, 2007
6 8
- (n) A gentleman in the middle stages of his life who is flamboyantly homosexual and either grey or balding.

Frost - (n) the characteristic trait that makes one a "frosty"
1) Its the Boston Marathon, the frostys are running wild!

2) Excuse me, your frost is showing.
by TrollPatroll010 May 21, 2011
1 4
Receiving road head while the giver has a mouth full of ice cream.
by Frosty man March 27, 2010
1 4
oral sex performed on a female.
She loves to get a frosty.
by jbrawl February 03, 2010
5 8
to be cool, legit, or any other form of word that high school and college kids use as a substitute for normal words
Joe: I'll catch you later man
You: Alright, stay frost bro

Alex: Dude, did you just see that awesome ride Joe bought?
You: Yeah brother, that shit was frosty.
by Wildoer January 16, 2010
2 5