Originates from when a man has lots of gel in his hair (so it shimmers in light, like frost.) An adjective commonly used to explain a particularly feminine guy...or just a gay dude.
Taylor Lautner looks real frosty in that white, buttoned-up, Italian jacket.

Lance Bass is so frosty.

by CandyCaneGirl December 19, 2008
keeping cool in situations that could potentially be bad. ie. driving around doing drugs with your friends, or going to very public places while on these drugs
alright dude, chill, stay frosty
by chelsea0000 October 28, 2008
It means Cool, or Fresh.
Damn that new car is Frosty
by 219Crew November 04, 2007
Depending on usage can be Proper Noun, Noun, Adjective or Verb. A reference to a big time pimp. Cold on hoes.
I had to get Frosty on that hoe. Frosty J is cold on dem hoes.
by Frosty J June 22, 2007
When a guy is so sensitive about EVERYTHING. Mad frosty.. Soft, sweet, && cheap.
-Why are you always crying dude. Your mad frosty

- It was a joke bro stop being frosty.
by kryptoxoox March 08, 2013
- (n) A gentleman in the middle stages of his life who is flamboyantly homosexual and either grey or balding.

Frost - (n) the characteristic trait that makes one a "frosty"
1) Its the Boston Marathon, the frostys are running wild!

2) Excuse me, your frost is showing.
by TrollPatroll010 May 21, 2011
Receiving road head while the giver has a mouth full of ice cream.
by Frosty man March 27, 2010

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