When a guy is so sensitive about EVERYTHING. Mad frosty.. Soft, sweet, && cheap.
-Why are you always crying dude. Your mad frosty

- It was a joke bro stop being frosty.
by kryptoxoox March 08, 2013
to be cool, legit, or any other form of word that high school and college kids use as a substitute for normal words
Joe: I'll catch you later man
You: Alright, stay frost bro

Alex: Dude, did you just see that awesome ride Joe bought?
You: Yeah brother, that shit was frosty.
by Wildoer January 16, 2010
The act of not washing your hair, thus leaving it greasy. Can also be defined as not taking a shower.
Man, that guy looked so frosty today, I swear I could've styled his hair without hair gel.
by ayrondee October 18, 2009
To describe a state of Illness.
Usually used to describe people cruising in the CRV.
DAMM them kids in that CRV are staying frosty.
by challis July 22, 2008
Iced-out females. Typical rich-bitch chicks with enough ice (I mean blingin!) to freeze out any average playa. Close relative to the gold digger (sometimes one and the same), frostys are known for their extreme sexiness and shallow personalities. As they are not the brightest of female species, they have also been refered to as frosted flakes (best to eat right out of the box!). Frosty bitches can be found at any trendy local shopping center, tanning salon, or nightclub baller spot. WARNING: High Maintenance. May cause extreme wallet damage.
Yo, this frosty is fine, but, without tha ice, and the Gucci, and the beauty treatments, and the plastic surgery, she's just another drip.
by JSwivel May 03, 2006
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