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the female equivelant of creaming one's self. used to describe a state of extreme sexual excitement.
"wow, he just totally made me creme my pants."
by Bobastasia September 21, 2006
a term used to mean ejaculation
I had him creaming his pants before I even took off my bra
by coffeecutie April 24, 2005
Something with a creamy texture, but not a dairy product.
Wow, those Safeway brand chocolate cremé pies are to die for!!!
by Telephony September 07, 2013
To say something is really good/nice/enjoyable.
Man, this is a creme joint!

Mate, look at her! Shes creme!

I'm tellin you, I had a well creme day..

by Lee Blackley June 14, 2007
A name a black person would call a white person.
Yo man what the fuck are all these cremes doin' on this bus?!
by eSouth March 19, 2005
to be cool or ghetto or jump
That megan is one creme girl.
That boy is so uncreme because he doesnt say jump
by MIT (masta in training) July 30, 2004
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