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recieveing poo all over yourself with a more than happy smile on your face
Those crazy muddy bears and thier poo!
by ~Blizzy~ July 25, 2003
insulting us wont make your penis any bigger
asian people have a small penis
by ~blizzy~ August 16, 2003
hey chink....theres a space in between van and tassel...i mean i know that english isnt your first language but still...damn koreans
no matter what...i still hate british people...i guess i just say that alot
by ~blizzy~ August 15, 2003
a term that derived from england; short for "constible on patrol"; for those who dont know, a constible is the term for a police officer in england
Watch out for cops while i drink this illegal tea! Cause Im English...and englist people suck..and they just drink tea and lick nipples all day...men nipples...with hair...lawrence van tassel does this as much as possible...him being english and all....fuckin brit bastard
by ~blizzy~ August 16, 2003
Something jake came up with, it means a "hot lunch" but it is frozen and thaws in your mouth
Man, Ashley really wanted to know what a frosty is and now that she knows probably thinks its really nasty. And i dont like it.
by ~blizzy~ August 02, 2003
The mating call of the rarely seen Italian Calvert Scaletti. This call can be heard while the male of this species is in heat, around beutiful females, or completely unprovoked. This call is normally followed by a low pitched "ahahahahaha" and a "duuude"
While on a nature hike a rare wop-chested Italian Calvert Scaletti lept from the bushes, took the anal virginity or Lawrence Van Tassel, and fled back into the woods chanting his mating call. All you heard as he galloped away like a lama in heat was "I LOVE BOOBS". I'll never forget that day and I'm pretty sure Lawrence won't either. With the saddamizing and all.
by ~blizzy~ August 11, 2003
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