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The word for tea in several languages, including Czech, Turkish, Russian, Sanskrit, and Farsi. Originates from cha, the Chinese word for tea. The British word tea comes from a regional dialect of China. Currently in US, chai refers to a milky tea with a milder version of Indian spice.
I like cinnamon in my chai latte.
by Tom November 19, 2003
Los Gatos rich kid term for "cool"
His car is chai
by richkidz January 12, 2012
South-Western Nigerian Slang
The slang is an exclamation word that a lot of Nigerians use.
Chai!!! See that ass, Chai!! i don die, Chai!! wetin be that?
by Baba Ade December 02, 2011
Name: Chai
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Chai name means: Life.
Gender: Boy

A "Chai" is a grate leader he will always try and help you he will try his best to lighten up your day , very profound in hygiene. Cares a lot about people. mostly up for anything. He sometimes messes up but will look upon that mistake to improve. likes to have a good time ;) . always trying to improve his surrounding. he thinks about others before him self. Don't get on Chais bad side ( its hard to do ) but if you do he will make sure you get punished. Chai is very secretive you might think you know him but in reality you barely do. he can keep a secret . he loves to swim . he likes alone time . he is not like most guys (who only want sex). chai can be very stubborn and indecisive . but over all is a very good guy .
Chai is like a train he will get you there quick,fast , and in a hurry. ;) if you know what i mean
by xxxxLovexxxx June 28, 2009
n: an ancient tea beverage with origins in the Far East. In the U.S., a latte made with black tea and spices.

A delicious tea latte served either hot or cold, with honey, vanilla and spices that has become popular in coffee shops and homes everywhere.
I like to drink a warm chai tea latte on a cold winter's day.
by mtnhoney July 13, 2003
a word used for any situation, whether it be to make someone pissed, make someone laugh, or get out of a situation or simply to confuse someone.
Example 1:
(Bob) "Bill do you have those T.P.S reports ready for me yet?"
(Bill) "Chais"
Example 2:
"I had a chais of a time last night"
by cj miller February 14, 2005
the essence of being high.
"I got the chai!!!"
by chai-guy October 19, 2009