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11 definitions by Chan

the shopping cart wheeled around by a homeless person.
Good morning little beggarman! and how do you? With your rags, and your tags, and your old rigadoo!
by chan October 25, 2003
A joint or cigarette laced with finely broken up shrooms.
That shroom stick had me gone!
by Chan August 13, 2003
like shoot, shucks, dang, damn, darn
i just lost 20 bucks....shootit!!
by chan December 27, 2003
n. Often referred to the voluptuous rear end of a female, but the label can also be given to a rather well endowed male's rear end.
Damn yo! Peep that badoonkie!
by Chan October 06, 2003
jimmy floyd hasselbaink - wank
im off 4 a jimmy,

i had a jimmy under the old rug
by Chan March 26, 2005
Girl that follows whales
She is the only tanda here
by Chan October 21, 2004
a boy with a structured face what gives hints to relations with a jungle creature. Usually with big ears, and a big pointy lips.
Wipe that smile off your monkey face...
by Chan March 05, 2003