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verb. to be getting high, or being high. noun. frotsyness is weed.
bro we got some sick frostyness last night, and then get got mad frosty from it.
by Vito October 28, 2007
Dry semen stains on a bed sheet.
Paul: Take a seat on my new bed
James: Screw you man, that beds got some frosty's, you need to clean up man!
by pallant25 October 01, 2007
When a person displays acts of poutyness, jealousy, sudden burst of anger, quietness, and has a negetive outlook of the situation at hand.
Danny was FROSTY at papa rocks tonight because a friend was jaggen em off.
by Daryl and Talon August 25, 2007
To be insanely high, or drunk, or both.
Dude, I got so frosty last night I sent my girls best friend ab pics..
by Rumple4skin03 April 03, 2014
Frosty: the word that is used to show someone that they have your full attention and that you want to get to know them more than you do because of how you view them.
"Brittany, all I have to say is frosty."
by Baby Ty January 11, 2014
To be extremely high after smoking.
Damn, I already feel frosty after one hit.
by senior salty snacks September 01, 2013
When a guy is so sensitive about EVERYTHING. Mad frosty.. Soft, sweet, && cheap.
-Why are you always crying dude. Your mad frosty

- It was a joke bro stop being frosty.
by kryptoxoox March 08, 2013