When something is extremely cool that there are no other words to describe it so you say frosty.

Really sick

Very totally radical
george: dude i just colored my driveway black!
steve: yo homie its already black!
george: oh damn straight!
steve: your so totally not frosty
by littleboy&friends June 09, 2009
to be above the rest; a higher level of "cool". oftenly used in Oregon mainly in metro areas. first used in a song called hah doin' by jerry and lil tone from jc records - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=295490433
-thats shit was frosty!
-man, you cant fuck with me im a frostologist!
by frosty carrill February 06, 2009
A newcomer to the G-Run hierarchy. What you are when you first start coming on Fridays for the first 3 months.
"So what are you?"

"A frosty."

"Fuck that, I'm a mall rat."
by PaulynVonGore August 19, 2008
verb. to be getting high, or being high. noun. frotsyness is weed.
bro we got some sick frostyness last night, and then get got mad frosty from it.
by Vito October 28, 2007
When a person displays acts of poutyness, jealousy, sudden burst of anger, quietness, and has a negetive outlook of the situation at hand.
Danny was FROSTY at papa rocks tonight because a friend was jaggen em off.
by Daryl and Talon August 25, 2007
To be insanely high, or drunk, or both.
Dude, I got so frosty last night I sent my girls best friend ab pics..
by Rumple4skin03 April 03, 2014
Frosty: the word that is used to show someone that they have your full attention and that you want to get to know them more than you do because of how you view them.
"Brittany, all I have to say is frosty."
by Baby Ty January 11, 2014

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