term for naming something or someone "cool" can be used to replace adjectives such as cool,beastly ect.
"Yo i just banged my gf."

"Thats pretty frosty"
by jeffwn January 30, 2010
A Douche Bag of the highest order who chooses to dye his hair by frosting the tips blond. This often leads to balding in later years as the hair dye not only has a negative effect on your sex life it also is tough on your hair line.
by jamckeown July 01, 2009
(adj): To be intoxicated in an extremely cold environment. Generally while participating in winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, or sledding. This term is used to replace the commonly used term of "toasty" when referring to the feel of being buzzed or drunk.
I don't know about you but i'm f#%@ing frosty right now
by tnbrown1989 January 06, 2011
When a girl is giving you head, right before you cum you scream in a really high pitched moaning noises to force her to expel cum out of her nose. It is a sight to behold.
A girl was giving me head, so i screamed like a girl when i came and gave her a FROSTY!
by Bumchumx January 31, 2010
when young teens (12 or 13) start getting in to the habit of going to the mall every friday night. a frosty will turn in to a mallrat in time.
teen 1: let's hang out at the mall and meet some people.
teen 2: yeah we're still frosties though.
teen 1: it's ok. we'll be mallrats in no time.
by kdhfgklasjh November 30, 2008
When a large, ribbed, and preferably green straw is inserted into the anus by a partner. The partner the proceeds to suck upon the straw. There is also the option of attempting the dangerous: Frosty, Biggie Size where the partner with the straw in their anus releases gas at the same time that the other partner begins to breath through the straw.
Man I just got a frosty from some random guy in that truck stop bathroom.... Weird.
by Dylan Mcr February 20, 2007
To be pissed, angry, upset...usually in terms of feeling less than "social".
After hearing through the grapevine what she had to say about me, I wasn't really in the mood to see her again. I was feeling pretty frosty at that point.
by MLAM May 16, 2006

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