A word, in certain context, used to describe a person under the influence of marijuana. This word can also be used to describe someone under the influence of a hallucinogen, such as LSD.

A synonym for: baked – blasted – blazed – blitzed – carmelyzed – crossfaded – crunched – crunk – faded – geeked – high – high as a kite – lit – lit up – low – ripped – sketch – skunked – smoked out – stoned – stuck – tall – tweeked – zoned.
Dude, that weed was great. I am frosty as a motherfucker right now.

Lucas: Hey Tommy, how you feeling?
Tommy: I'm so frosty I can't see straight...
by Captain Shabby October 07, 2014
Dry semen stains on a bed sheet.
Paul: Take a seat on my new bed
James: Screw you man, that beds got some frosty's, you need to clean up man!
by pallant25 October 01, 2007
Getting high whilst being in the Christmas spirit so you talk about Christmas stuff; getting high in the winter;
Dude I got so frosty last night I swore I saw Santa!
by JoshyMohh December 25, 2014
Can mean a lot of things. Like cool, awesome, great, weird, strange, bad, hot, or sexy and can be used for, whoa.
*car crash
"that's frosty" or "d*** dat s*** frosty"

* hot girl walks by
"she frosty"

"hey wanna go base jump without a parachute?"

"oh yeah man that's frosty"

"I got beer!"
"frosty bro!"
by businessonly August 02, 2014
To be frosty is to be or do anything awesome, sick, or hilarious. People who call themselves frosty, such as naming your gamer tag FROSTYCOWZZZ is looked down upon. Only bros call each other Frosty. If your bro says something is Frosty, you are expected to acknowledge it and yell FROSTY!
Bro 1: You see that lax game last night bro?
Bro 2: Yeah! That dude on Syracuse had a frosty snipe!

Example 2

Guy 1: I am so FROSTY!

Guy 2: No you're not. That was the opposite of frosty.
by FrostyDangles21 March 14, 2012
Adjective: An unfortunately white person, usually female. Likes to think dancing is a sport, and when flash on a camera is used you cannot see her. She has the abilities to blend in with white walls and paper.

She is most likely frightened to go out in the snow, since you will lose her and is also terrified of the sun, a frosty might get burned. To avoid this she likes to eat sunscreen.

Some might mistake our Frosty girl for an albino, but she is not. She is beautiful in every way.

**Her real name usually begins with a C and ends with a LAIRE**
"Did you see claire the other day?" person 1
"Yeah, I love Frosty!" person 2

Also reffered to as:
White Bitch
Frost Queen
by Clairistine Widicmino January 08, 2011
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