A very small truck, made in mass production by Chevrolet. The Fork was not allowed on the roads, as it was made like a Powerwheels, and it was powered by 3 9-volt batteries. All of the detailing on the interior and exterior were stickers. There were no seatbelts, and anyone over the age of 6 could not fit in one, however a driver's liscence was required to drive one.
Obviously the Fork was a huge success internationally, boasting an unbeatable $400 price tag. The Forks have recently been legalized on the roads, and they are being driven by everyone, since they are very uncomfortable, small, plastic and a great way to stop pollution.
Forks are the best way to go to work in style. Especially if you are a 55 year old business man. Way to take initiative, you old fock, you!
by Arcwhite February 25, 2004
Top Definition
a utensil used for either eating or stabbing people with
i ate that bitch with my fork
by Tiffany December 06, 2003
to bone; to screw; to have sexual intercourse
Kacy and Sam forked your mom last night
by kjakes March 02, 2005
to bang, screw, have intercourse. Slang for fuck and can be used in any similar fashion.
"I forked three chicks last night!"
"Shut the fork up!"
"What the fork?!"
by NerdFace April 08, 2006
A utensil used mainly for eating, always with three or more points on the edge opposite the handle. When this item is combined with a spoon, it is known as a spork.
I ate my dinner with a fork.
by Keijiro Hayashi November 02, 2003
v. a method of cuddling or having sex similar to spooning but with both cuddlers' legs intertwined; one of four utensil positions
When i demonstrated the utensil positions on him, he said that forking was his favorite.
by floutas December 03, 2006
a small town on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state in the USA, it is most commonly known as the setting of the worldwide bestselling "Twilight" series written by Stephenie Meyer.
This point of the world has a lot of precipitation.
i am going into Forks today
by lpm90 May 24, 2008
unix-function for duplicating a process (running program) in it's current state.

somewhat popular through the simple but effective snippet "while(1) fork();".
well, just fork out another copy and do it there!
by hotzenplotz March 19, 2004
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