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v. a method of cuddling or having sex similar to spooning but with both cuddlers' legs intertwined; one of four utensil positions
When i demonstrated the utensil positions on him, he said that forking was his favorite.
by floutas December 03, 2006
the four utensil positions are the: spoon, fork, spork, and knife
They got really stoned and experimented with all the utensil positions the whole night.
by floutas December 03, 2006
1. an albino lesbian
2. common misspelling of "lesbian" amongst 5-7 year-olds
1. "You know that girl Sophia, with no pigmentation? I heard that last night she went down on Meg, that mullet chick who's on the field hockey team."
2. a six year-old's official list of bad words: asswhole, basterd, bich, hell, lesbino, penis, sex, vajina
by floutas December 03, 2006
the fucking best ever; something to obsess over
omg this ice cream is soo charlie rosen. i could eat it everyday and i would still want more of it.
by floutas April 13, 2005
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