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The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's smart, kind, and funny. She's very random and SO sweet. She has eyes that you could get lost in for hours and is very easy to fall in love with. She's a great friend, she's really loyal and caring, don't ever let a Kacy go! She's cool and everybody loves her. She's beautiful and all her friends tell her that, she just doesn't know yet.
Friend One: Oh my god! Who is that girl? I think I'm in love!
Friend Two: I know! She is SUCH a Kacy!
by HA! Bet u'd like to know! February 06, 2012
1- (n) An incredibly sexy girl who is always up for a good time, both in and out of bed.

2- (n) A notorious partier, usually the one who ends up on top of the bar, drunk, taking her shirt off.

3- (n) Someone who becomes very giggly and sexual when drunk.
Guy 1:(In a nightclub) Hey dude, look at those girls over there.

Guy 2: We need to go talk to them. They look like total Kacy's
by brandon324 February 11, 2010
a name of american origin derived of the name casey, meaning: "vigilent in war"
Good morning, Kacy.
Look how amazing Kacy is!!
by keezy s. baby April 25, 2009
Cheerful girl. Laughs at almost everything. Gets her way, but not because she tries to. Only because people love her so much they just give it to her. Very pretty. All girls feel ugly around her. Everyone's first words when they see her is, "WOW SHE'S PRETTY!!" Most of the boys that meet her like her. She doesn't like being a heartbreaker. She hates ruining friendships. She's considerate, and sensitive. She'll always be there for you. She's trustworthy. You can tell her anything and she can comfort you. All in all, she is Honest, Trustworthy, Considerate, Sensitive, Pretty, Nice, and Funny.
Friend #1 shows Friend #2 Kacys
Friend #2 DAYUM She is cute!!
Friend #1 Shows Friend #3 Kacys
Friend #3: Wow she is pretty! I feel ugly now!!
by #1 Bestie!! April 29, 2011
A awesome girl who never gives up on anything. cheerful, loving, always in a good mood. Can always brighten someone up, a least a little. Not a whore, nor slut.
Boy #1: Wow that girl is really cheerful.
Boy #2: I know thats a real Kacys.
Boy #1: whoa....
by ikikik April 29, 2011
Girls that eat ass
Kacy ate the ass like a cupcake
by SlappedYourMom March 13, 2015
Someone that would NOT be included in any cliques.
Don't be a Kacy, just come to lunch with us.
by Thanks for the help Melp. July 14, 2008
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