In a game of chess, the term "Fork" is used when a piece attacks 2 or more of the opponents pieces at the same time.

Quite often it's a Pawn or more frequently, a Knight that is responsible for executing a Fork.
Example 1:

White moved his Knight to square e6 placing black's King in check. Much to black's chagrin, his Queen was on f5 which also was a square the Knight was attacking when the check was placed. Thus creating a "Fork".

Because a Knight check can't be blocked, black had to move his King to get out of check, at which point the Knight captured black's Queen.

Example 2: White pushed his pawn to square e4 and as a result, attacked the black's Bishop on square d5 and Rook on square f5 simultaneously.
by Baraka ALL Forums January 15, 2013
A four pronged promise
Torri agreed to the first three prongs of Tommy's fork, but the 4th prong held them up
by letsgomets773 October 02, 2011
derogatory term for Folk Nation, used by the people
we bout to ride on dat fork, for real dough
by SIZZLLIN March 05, 2011
When someone is 'erect' when spooning with another person.
dude i was spoonin with my girlfriend last nite and i totally turned into a fork

bobby: WHAT?!?!
by rosynthal February 06, 2011
-pleasant way of saying FUCK!
"DUDE, what the Fork are you doing?"
"Chilax brah, im just Forking your sister"
by theconditon January 09, 2011
An alternative to fuck. Used in locations such as the workplace where outright swearing is not acceptable.
This computer system is forked.
by Bridge Face October 09, 2008
another word for bong or pipe as in smoking weed manly so u can talk about it in public
I got a new fork last night

I went Jimmy's house and his new fork is crazy
by paintballer619 December 01, 2011

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