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When you buy 4 packs of 500 forks and then go to somebody's house who you hate at night. Then, you put all of the forks into the ground with the handle out. When the person/people wake up, they will have 2000 forks in their front yard that they must go pick out - one-by-one - by hand.
"Dude, we should so fork Adam's house on Saturday."
"I'll buy the forks and meet me at 11:30"
by Laura October 09, 2004
Another word for fucked.
Norm,"hey joo, the neighbours want us to turn the music down."
camjoo,"Tell em to get forked its NYE ffs!"
by camjoo May 27, 2005
When an album (particularly a torrent) is completely neglected until pitchfork deems it tasteworthy, at which point it is downloaded (or bought in the rare case) like hotcakes.
You're such a forker, you never would have Forked! that album had pitchfork not best-new-musicized it.
by Reginald Linux October 11, 2007
past of forking. when a group of people got together and rammed plastic forks into someone's yard late at night while everyone was sleeping. The target is normally a teacher or professor. In the south forking is considered a form of endearment. In the north, it is considered to be disrespectful. Normally accompanied by rolling.
The prof got forked last night!
by Jinju August 01, 2010
The state of having attempted to spoon with a really skiny, boney guy, so that instead of feeling smooth and comfortable like a spoon, it's all sharp and prikly like a fork.
God, I forked with Doug last night and now there's a bruise in my back.
by Stevie Billy T November 30, 2007
- A word much more cool than Owned, Mankind r0x your s0x.
Omfg, you've been forked by ManKiND, commit suicide.
by ManKiND January 27, 2003
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