An alternative to fuck. Used in locations such as the workplace where outright swearing is not acceptable.
This computer system is forked.
by Bridge Face October 09, 2008
another word for bong or pipe as in smoking weed manly so u can talk about it in public
I got a new fork last night

I went Jimmy's house and his new fork is crazy
by paintballer619 December 01, 2011
Robert Banhegyi is infact a fork.
Hey, you see that kid over there?" "Yea, Robert?" "Yea, he's fork, aye?" "hahaha, yea, a serious one
by Mystrey person. June 30, 2010
Fucking dork
Oh my God you are such a fork!
by suskral January 03, 2010
what comes up when you try and type dork into a text message.
Sally: You're such a fork!

Doug: thanks...?

Sally: whoops... meant dork
by rani_of_the_roses May 17, 2009
to stick a ton of forks (tines up) in someone's yard.
hey, wanna go fork ralph tonight? i got purple forks this time.
by carolinaliar. April 20, 2009
A tool used for the conveyence of pie from its resting surface to one's pie hole.
You could hardly see the guy's fork as he shoveled that pie!
by BlastMaster February 26, 2004

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