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A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. The woman lies down on her stomach with her legs spread (knee joints straight) and the man enters her with a straight body such that the “fork” that is formed consists of the woman’s legs on the sides and the man’s legs in between.
Spooning leads to forking.
by Anonymous009 January 16, 2006
the result of spooning.
After spooning for quite some time, ellen and ammon
started forking all night long; resulting in morning o's.
by Tiffs March 04, 2008
the act of spooning, just with more penetration
i don't like all of spooning, but forking is awesome.
by echo specter April 13, 2011
The process of sticking large salad/decorational forks in people's yards in the middle of the night (an upgrade of toilet papering). Usually accompanied by spray painting their lawns a variety of colors.
I would have gone out to the party with you, but I was forking that jackasses yard last night.
by EricaJayne August 26, 2007
It is exactly like cuddling but the big spoon is pressing his boner into the little spoon till it turns into more than cuddling.
Do you wanna cuddle then maybe get to forking?
by bigmouthedcurry April 05, 2015
The act of placing many forks, tine side up in a lawn.

1) A deliberate expression of anger or hatred to another specifically to indicate the person has a forked tongue (is a liar) and cannot be trusted. Color of forks used is significant. Black and red exhibit negative feelings. i.e.: Black=mal-intentioned threat, bodily harm or misfortune. Red=anger.

2) When innocuous or in good spirit, this prank typically involves white plastic institutional forks or may use colors representing a school or fraternal organization.
1) The forking took place during the night when they placed black forks in the yard to symbolize the fact that this person had lied in court for personal gain at the expense of another.

2) Students strategically placed close to 35,000 plastic forks into the lawn of their school grounds on June 6, 2004. To pull off a forking of this magnitude, it took a full school year of planning and 50 participants. The legendary senior prank landed them on MTV.

by Internet Intel January 31, 2007
Kind of like spooning. but the person on the outside takes their leg and put it across their partener.
"wanna spoon?"
"Bitch no i wanna fork"

"I'd rather be spooning"
by who-likes-cheese-i-do! March 04, 2009
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