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unix-function for duplicating a process (running program) in it's current state.

somewhat popular through the simple but effective snippet "while(1) fork();".
well, just fork out another copy and do it there!
by hotzenplotz March 19, 2004
master control program

a "character" in the movie TRON.
the MCP steals other programs, and extends itself using their knowledge.
Master Control Program: You're in trouble, program. Why don't you make it easy on yourself. Who's your user?
CLU: Forget it, mister high-and-mighty Master Control! You're not going to make me talk!
Master Control Program: Suit yourself.
by hotzenplotz March 19, 2004
kogaru or also kogyaru.

japanese girls with tanned skin and dyed hair, usually wearing colorful stuff and extensive makeup.

the term originates from the japanese mispronunciation of "callgirl".

an acronym for this is "ganguro" which means like "blackface" in japanese.
look at that kogaru over there...
(straightforward as one would expect)
by hotzenplotz May 10, 2004
please also see kogaru which describes the same phenomenon.
attention kids, ganguro is just another word for kogaru
by hotzenplotz May 10, 2004
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