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the act of sexual intercourse, usually used in a public setting and therefore doesn't turn heads when conversing about it.

other forms: foofing, forefoof, postfoof
We totally cuddled postfoof, then spooned all night.
by JEK4 April 25, 2011
According to GD Misfits, a foof is

1. a lady's "special place".

2. an ever so slightly more polite way of calling somebody a twat.
1. Her infection gave her a gushy foof.

2. My husband is being a foof today.
by Snozzbert May 10, 2009
A descriptive word in which one describes a large amount of curly hair upon ones head.

check out the Foof on her head! beautiful!
by hotpotlovesfoof March 25, 2009
Excessive, overdone, or pretentious items of home decor.
"If we stop by Kirkland's, we can load up on foof for the living room."
by Fashionista October 09, 2003
a general term of annoyance.
Used like "smurf" or "title of show", it can be any part of speech and mean virtually anything.

Generally, however, it is used as a name:
Quit doin' that, ya foof!
by CaptianC December 29, 2010
noun - An alternate name for a dog or puppy. Also known as a Foofer
I'm going to take my foof for a walk.

Aww what a cute foof!!!
by prcg October 19, 2009
An word that one says when they are sad or their feelings have been hurt. It is also accompanied by the act of "foofing" which is when one bites his/her lower lip, furrows their brows, and gives puppy dog eyes in an attempt to look sad.
Bob: Hey Jackie, you're fat!

Jackie: Foof. (she foofs)
by Mitchell! November 13, 2005