Top Definition
1. crazy person
2. someone whacked on drugs
3. a stupid act
When Regan was president, he let all the wackos out on the street with no assistance.
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
Any member of the Church of Scientology.
That wacko tried to kill me after I wrote about that SeaOrg murder!
by Blah August 08, 2003
Some one who is psyco.
your a freekin whacky ass whacko!
by Dixie Normous July 14, 2003
Some one messed up on crack!
Dude, you look like a messed up wacko!
by King of Da Wackos April 10, 2004
1. Anybody who is an idiot Republican or conservative.
2. A moron or dumbass.
3. A brain dead psycho.
John McCain is my favorite wacko of all time!
by Too Lazy to think of One March 15, 2008
Having a bat, masturbating, jerkin' the gherkin, crank the shaft, cook the cream of cock, do the rattlesnake shake, engage in hand to gland combat, give yourself a low five, five fingered friendless fandango, mashing the monster, ram the ham, slam the spam, yank the crank!
"Dude i had the best fuckin' wacko last night in the shower, i lasted a whole two minutes!"
by Alex Swain May 18, 2008
The biggest n33b in the fear clan =D
man that wacko is a n33b
by n33borz February 27, 2005
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