Incorrect spelling of F OFF (fuck off). Often used in MSN Messenger where it is associated with an emoticon that shows an angry face sticking its middle finger up at the user. This emoticon is often mis-interpreted as an unoffensive emoticon involving a man with his dick out.
MSN Nerd 1: Guess what: UR FAT
MSN Nerd 2: *foof*
MSN Nerd 1: foof!!! lol!!! ur such a n00b!
MSN Hater: You twats, why don't you get a life
by Emo Kid January 19, 2005
another word for farout
you:oi man ma fish just died
me: foof man, im so sorry
by cookiemoonsta May 02, 2008
Used to describe a fart but from a lady. Boys fart, girls foof.
1. Did you just foof?
2. Man my sister let out a smelly foof.
by breno June 18, 2006
1. when associating with the little bunny foofoo!
2. When a pillow needs to be fluffed many people use the term foof
1. that stupid foof song woot!
2. That large pink pillow with the poo stain on it needs a good foof
by vick-roy December 21, 2003
The action of something zooming or flying through the air, or just nothing
WOW!!!!!!! Did you just see that plane in the sky?!?!?!?!?!? Holy shit! It was just like FOOF!!
by lp! July 10, 2008
colloquial term used in parts of liverpool particularly huyton and stockbridge village. usually meaning fast food or junk food
i'm starvin' lad, goin in for some foof
by channymoran8 July 10, 2008
used to describe fake or knock off merchandise also short for foofy or foofy foof
Tasha: yo did you see chris in those fresh prada shoes yesterday?
Amber: girl those those joints was hella foof they was those new fila's
by nellzbellz May 27, 2008

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