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Great Broadway Musical Now Running at the Neil Simon Theatre in NYC!!

It takes place in Baltimore in the 1960s and has to do with racial issues and other 60s stuff

Based on the film made by John Waters

My Favorite song is "Without Love"
by Bryan February 08, 2005
180 55
Instant Flamethrower!
Instant Pepper Spray!
Instant Bomb!
Use you Imagination!
A lighter + Flamethrower = some hot fun.
by SteveED November 11, 2004
81 42
Your own little can of the ozone. Especially fun to puncure holes in!
Hairspray is my best friend.
by Carsyn September 21, 2004
61 26
The movie by New Line Cinema, released on July 20, 2007, based on the Broadway Music by Mark Shaiman and Scott Whitman IN TURN based on the 1988 film by John Waters, about chubby teen Tracey Turnblad, who helps integrate a dance show known as THE CORNY COLLINS DANCE SHOW.
Nikki Blonsky, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron,Michelle Pfeiffer},John Travolta, Christopher Walken,Queen Latifah}, and others are in it. A fun show. Favorite supporting chaarcter is Amanda Bynes's Penny Pingleton IMO.
1st. Guy: "Hey, it's "Hairspray". Who's your favorite girl? I ove Tracy".

Me:"Penny Pingleton"

Other guy:"Amber Von Tussle"The VILLIAN! But then she's a blonde, and we all know that blondes have more 'fun".
by Tracey Turnblad May 24, 2009
22 6
Aerosol drug used by natives when the beer store is closed on sundays.
The nitchie sprayed the hairspray into the bag and took a deep breath.
by He Whore May 26, 2003
32 25
The act of gatting in a chinese girl's hair before leaving the your house
Ricky gave my hair some good hold with his hair spray last night!
by dusty pirate July 18, 2011
0 2
Used to notify your friend of a hot looking chick in the area. As in all she needs is some hairspray to look good.
Dude... hairspray at 9 o'clock.
by Irishgambino February 09, 2004
21 29