Pronounced like "foof," F.O.O.F is a faster way of saying, "Fresh out of Fucks." This statement is used when attempting to convey just how little regard one might have toward a particular person or situation.
Joe: "Hey man, I hear your ex is talking shit about you."
Mike: "Gimmie a second." *Digs around in pockets* "Sorry dude, I'm F.O.O.F."
by SirAC October 23, 2013
an over abundance of fluffy, feminine, texture and objects in a decorated room.

fluffy decor texture foofy
That room was decorated with so much foof.
by decorqueen August 13, 2012
The act of farting under the covers followed by lifting and then dropping the pillow end of the covers to create a fart balloon exhaling effect that shoots the fart towards your bed buddy's face.
"Noooooooo! Don't foof it...You foofed it."
by Vondi January 15, 2010
Humorous word used to replace curse words. Usually used in place of the "F" word.
What the foof is this?!

I foofed him when we were alone.

I don't give a foof.

That's foofing awesome!
by fatalmeep July 30, 2011
Foof is another word for a fart or fatulence. It is used in public as not many people know that you actually farted.. lol
Uh oh.. I just foofed
by = )) June 13, 2008
An animal's fart, usually from a dog. Rhymes with "hoof".
Sandy, did you just foof? Are you making dog farts again?
by pentozali January 09, 2011
a fuzzy piece of fur or hair, meaning fuzz/furry
often used to describe an afro/derpy kid
"Did you see Anthony's foofs today"
"Yeah they were majestic"

"Isn't Anthony so foof?"
"Yeah his foof's really bring out his eyes"
by definetely not taner January 21, 2014

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