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Fragrance worn by women, in order to remain freshly scented and possibly attract the opposite sex. Usually dabbed on the wrists, behind the ears, near the cleavage and on the backs of the knees.
I spray my perfume twice and then step into the mist to allow for an even distribution of scent.
by Lauren M January 19, 2007
A gift which is commonly given to a recent girlfriend to show that the man is sensitive. However, this does tend to fail especially when one uses this method to gain chances to score with the subject or the subject's mother.
Mark: Hey, Akhim told me Kathy hasn't talked to him since he dropped off that perfume at her house.
Joe: Well Mark, now you got a reason to tell Akhim why you've been sleeping with her for the past months
Mark: cuz I'm an leet sauce!
by Arthur Lewis Vandelay December 05, 2004
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