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v. to like-like someone (i.e. be infatuated, smitten, etc) either in a sexual, emotional or both fashion.
I fancy that bloke!
by biggidy March 21, 2003
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1. To like-like someone (have a crush on).
2. Wanting or needing something.
3. Pretty, luxurious, nice.
4. Using an eufemism to describe something.
5. Dutch (glossy)magazine for girls between ages 14 and 21.
1. I really fancy that guy. He's so adorable!
2. Would you fancy a drink?
3. That new car looks really fancy!
4. You called her a slut? That's a fancy way to say she's the biggest whore in town!
5. Have you read the Fancy yet? It has this great article on how to shop more for less!
by Maresa August 23, 2007
In america fancy means to like someone in a sexual way, to want to be with them, want to go out with them ect...

In Britian fancy means the same but it also means 'want' or 'do you want' something.
America: I fancy Her

Britain: I Fancy Her, Fancy a pint?, Fancy going out tonight?, I fancy a pizza tonight ect...
by Dan Kempster July 13, 2005
Your nails done, hair done, everything big
A fine scholar by the name of Swizz Beatz quoted this in a song with Drake and TI.

"Oh you fancy, huh" 3x
Nails done, hair done, everything big
by Yobebemama October 26, 2010
A term used most commonly in England or in the past. Used to describe something of a particular liking.
Takin' a fancy to it, eh?
by Jason February 05, 2005
Anything. Anything at all.
You can use this word in ANY situation. Especially awkward ones.
by whatomgyourebokekecrazy May 21, 2011
A top hat-wearing elephant with shiny shoes who drinks $200 VIP champaign with his or her superior trunk.
Bitch. I am fancy. This $200 champaign and top hat don't lie.
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