Single worded expression that tells of someone's object or situation is good and or likable.
Jack: hey man, i just found out that my watch is worth alot of money.

Trey: Fancy
by John Les March 24, 2009
A word used to describe something awesome; cool; good; swanky; spiffy.
Person 1: I'm going to a concert tonight!
Person 2: Fancy!
Person 3: Awesome!
Person 2: No. Fancy. It's going to be fancy.
Person 1: No you don't have to get dressed up.
Person 2: NO YOU IDIOTS! Look it up on Urban Dictionary. Fancy just means cool or awesome. Come on guys, get with it.
by efc107 September 19, 2011
Someone who might have been born plain white trash but did nice things for gentlemen to get what they wanted or where they wanted to be in social status.

Also a girl who lives in dallas.

Or guys alter ego who lives in dallas.
Ma'am: "Fancy! I'm waiting!"
Fancy: "Yes ma'am." As fancy turns a way from the hot guy she was talking to in the hallway to follow ma'am to her room.
by Fancy Maria with diamonds June 28, 2013
To take a sexual or romantic interest in someone; usually teenagers feel this emotion, and it roughly translates to 'I want to go out with her, but I won't really take this relationship seriously, or expect it to last that long'.

If one desires a serious, long-lasting relationship, they may be feeling love as opposed to fancying someone.
Teen 1: look at her, she's so fit! I really fancy her!
Teen 2: not keeping your expectations too high, eh?
by ThatsAPaddling July 22, 2014
An adjective describing an amazing, dubstep loving, beautiful, musically talented amazing person. Can also be used to described a cat.
B: You know Amber?

L: Yeah, she's hella fancy

I: Wordd. She plays the uke

N: And gets mad cats

K: They be callin her day an night. All day errdayyy
by Anon33218 June 19, 2011
something that is unnecessarily elaborate
Mmhmm, look at those fancies over there!
by Guelph LA Student January 25, 2011
One or more people that are so incredibly awesome that they use the word fancy to describe themselves.
Reagan and Ashton are the most fancy people in the world
by OhYouFancyHuh February 07, 2012

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