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an ironic way of stating someones downsides using a generic rhetorical phrase. Commonly expressed as an adjective but can also be expressed as a pronoun. many times this word can be used to ask if a person is acting selfishly or irresponsibly for their surroundings. during fits of rage this term can also be used in place of a swear or any exclamatory insult/statement.
OH you fancy huh?!
by Angel Nemamaru December 25, 2010
Someone who might have been born plain white trash but did nice things for gentlemen to get what they wanted or where they wanted to be in social status.

Also a girl who lives in dallas.

Or guys alter ego who lives in dallas.
Ma'am: "Fancy! I'm waiting!"
Fancy: "Yes ma'am." As fancy turns a way from the hot guy she was talking to in the hallway to follow ma'am to her room.
by Fancy Maria with diamonds June 28, 2013
fancy: the "shit", cocky, or someone thinking they are all that and a bag of chips
you think you fancy or something.

he thinks he is fancy with the newest phone.

He is so fancy, saying he got fourteen numbers last night.
by acbvolleyballchick December 20, 2010
Adjective for someone who is pretentious, Also may be used in the context of someone being dumb--said in a condescending manner.
Did you really just say that. Aw you're so fancy.
by emmyb September 16, 2010
1)Ticklish sub-region of the taint.
Once only thought of in theory - the fancy is the newly discovered spot located at the part of the perineum closest to the buttocks and the entrance of the ass crack. Often tickled by a wandering moustache or the delicate touch of a lovers forefinger - hence the term "tickling ones fancy".
Dr Boudreaux, in the midst of experiment number 142 in his salad tossing research, heard a sudden yelp of surprise from his female subject above - and so the elusive fancy was found. This was therefore the first documented account of fancy-tickling.
by kdogg70503 June 13, 2008
To take a sexual or romantic interest in someone; usually teenagers feel this emotion, and it roughly translates to 'I want to go out with her, but I won't really take this relationship seriously, or expect it to last that long'.

If one desires a serious, long-lasting relationship, they may be feeling love as opposed to fancying someone.
Teen 1: look at her, she's so fit! I really fancy her!
Teen 2: not keeping your expectations too high, eh?
by ThatsAPaddling July 22, 2014
One or more people that are so incredibly awesome that they use the word fancy to describe themselves.
Reagan and Ashton are the most fancy people in the world
by OhYouFancyHuh February 07, 2012