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a euphemism for "gay" to be used in times that when using the word "gay" could create uncomfortable social situations. Originations: Was used to describe gay.com chat as "fancy" chat.
S - "The bear cub sure is fancy!"
M- "What was your first clue, the super tight pants or his Madonna obsession?"
S - "I guess you're right, he is *very* fancy.
by MattyPVA1983 September 27, 2009
Single worded expression that tells of someone's object or situation is good and or likable.
Jack: hey man, i just found out that my watch is worth alot of money.

Trey: Fancy
by John Les March 24, 2009
when one lacks volume within the upper pant area.
Patrick is a very fancy man. women may not like him so much.
by anon77 February 22, 2007
Utterly charming, resourceful, and pretty.
Oh, he's a fancy boy!
by DBlues February 19, 2003
a word used as a reaction to something. It can be either positively or negatively expressed. In fact, it can be used in reaction to almost anything at all.
Jacquanda says, "O-M-G! Look at dis amazing hair piece I just bought..." You reply, "Fancy!"
by Daniel of NY April 25, 2008
The art of being clever, classy, and crafty. (The 3 C's)
Being tokened as fancy is a complement from your peers.
Sometimes fancy can also mean lame.
Guy's mind-"Ah man, my muscles are too fancy! I gotta stop hittin the weights!"

Brother 1- Dude! Mom added me on that popular social networking site!

Brother 2- Oh, now that's fancy.
by barnshack22 July 10, 2010
Used ironically to mean tacky or tasteless. Derived from tacky in order to discuss the fancy individual in question, in his or her presence, while remaining inconspicuous. Includes, but is not limited to: rhinestone studded anything, ugly blonde highlights, Forever 21 tops, diamond encrusted Rolex watches, Cristal, metallic tube tops.
"Driving your white Escalade to order a bottle of Grey Goose at a club in New Jersey, all while wearing a glittery Bebe dress, is the essence of fanciness."

"That girl over there with the metallic gold tube top and rhinestone hoops? Fancy!"
by dvb7 May 05, 2008