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A game played particularly by rowers. It is when someone intentionally makes another person say the same word or phrase twice in a row.

To claim a win, the asshole (who made the other guy say it twice) must simply say "Twice!"

With skill, assholes may test their luck to see how far they can go (i.e. thricing).
Blair: Hey Ben, what did you do today?

Ben: Nothing much.

Blair: What?

Ben: Nothing much.

Blair: Twice!
by ClairBarey September 10, 2011
A tagline intended to reinforce the deliberate nature of the punchline and to create comedic effect if the punchline is in need of saving.
Spades Player 1: "You got beat down, hoe."
Spades Player 2: "I beat your mom down."
Ally of Player 2: "TWICE!!!"
by RyanTC86 May 15, 2005
Means, I'd hit that, twice! With a lot less words, and can be said right in front of the girl to your friend without her knowing.
Used when you can't just openly say you want to get on some girl/guy walking by. You look over at your friend and just say "Twice", meaning, I'd hit that, twice.
by Travis Morris April 10, 2007
a sarcastic reaction to a task that you would not like to do, meaning you will not do the task
1-wash my car for me

by Andy Neidt February 24, 2006
One of the best insults in the world
Hey kid Ima Slap You......Twice
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
I agree. In place of the word 'Ditto'.
First guy: "Man, that girl is hot!"
Second guy: "Twice!"
by Littlebits September 25, 2007
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