an ironic way of stating someones downsides using a generic rhetorical phrase. Commonly expressed as an adjective but can also be expressed as a pronoun. many times this word can be used to ask if a person is acting selfishly or irresponsibly for their surroundings. during fits of rage this term can also be used in place of a swear or any exclamatory insult/statement.
OH you fancy huh?!
by Angel Nemamaru December 25, 2010
fancy: the "shit", cocky, or someone thinking they are all that and a bag of chips
you think you fancy or something.

he thinks he is fancy with the newest phone.

He is so fancy, saying he got fourteen numbers last night.
by acbvolleyballchick December 20, 2010
Adjective for someone who is pretentious, Also may be used in the context of someone being dumb--said in a condescending manner.
Did you really just say that. Aw you're so fancy.
by emmyb September 16, 2010
a euphemism for "gay" to be used in times that when using the word "gay" could create uncomfortable social situations. Originations: Was used to describe chat as "fancy" chat.
S - "The bear cub sure is fancy!"
M- "What was your first clue, the super tight pants or his Madonna obsession?"
S - "I guess you're right, he is *very* fancy.
by MattyPVA1983 September 27, 2009
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