One or more people that are so incredibly awesome that they use the word fancy to describe themselves.
Reagan and Ashton are the most fancy people in the world
by OhYouFancyHuh February 07, 2012
A word used to describe something awesome; cool; good; swanky; spiffy.
Person 1: I'm going to a concert tonight!
Person 2: Fancy!
Person 3: Awesome!
Person 2: No. Fancy. It's going to be fancy.
Person 1: No you don't have to get dressed up.
Person 2: NO YOU IDIOTS! Look it up on Urban Dictionary. Fancy just means cool or awesome. Come on guys, get with it.
by efc107 September 19, 2011
An adjective describing an amazing, dubstep loving, beautiful, musically talented amazing person. Can also be used to described a cat.
B: You know Amber?

L: Yeah, she's hella fancy

I: Wordd. She plays the uke

N: And gets mad cats

K: They be callin her day an night. All day errdayyy
by Anon33218 June 19, 2011
Oh, you (Cas) fancy, huh?
by Casxcore April 15, 2011
something that is unnecessarily elaborate
Mmhmm, look at those fancies over there!
by Guelph LA Student January 25, 2011
noun - Laotian for bad ass
That Samuel Jackson sure is a Fancy Mother Fu*ker
by somecallmecuba October 15, 2010
a more sophisticated way to say "Gay"
Guy 1: I'm feeling really Fancy today!

Guy 2: yeah,the way you act around guys,makes me think you feel Fancy everyday.....
by JDaKingman October 25, 2009

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