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To be really taken or pleased by someone.
After a few dates with Rob, Sarah was smitten as a kitten.
by RockStar December 28, 2004
the feeling of total happiness around someone you are falling in love with or, someone you are already in love with.
Sherrie was smitten with Johnny sitting next to her on the bus ride.
by iPodME December 23, 2007
adjective: describes the feeling one receives whenever they think about or are with someone who makes them ridiculously happy. The experience of satisfaction with someone you're falling in love with. Often usued in the same sentence with the word kitten.
I heard that Beth is smitten with that kid Ryan Gipson.
by bethani zev March 14, 2007
More than like, but not quite love yet, its that feeling in between the two. That feeling of butterflies in your tummy. Its that feeling that makes you smile whenever you think about that special person.
Kayla was quite the smitten kitten when she talked about Tyler.
by SamG21 August 11, 2010
When you think someone is totally amazing and you have a fabulous time with him/her no matter what you are doing together, and that he/she is perfect even with his/her faults because you are so comfortable being around him/her.
Jenny was totally smitten with Tony.
by jcsunshine February 22, 2010
When you think of a person you just get butterflies. Not love, but just a really great liking of a person. In other words, "blow away."
I am very smitten by you.
by aiirrbodyluvmee January 22, 2011
to be falling in love with someboby;or already being in love with someone
castle and beckett are smitten with each other
by t.v.lover July 01, 2010
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