a word used as a reaction to something. It can be either positively or negatively expressed. In fact, it can be used in reaction to almost anything at all.
Darlene says, "I'm so in love with Tommy."
You reply, "Fancy!"

Brenda says, "Why can't I find a lesbian who sees me for who I am?"
You reply, "Fancy!"

Jacquanda says, "O-M-G! Look at dis amazing hair piece I just bought..."
You reply, "Fancy!"
by Daniel of New York April 24, 2008
1) to be attracted to sexually

2) to ejaculate or cum
1) I fancy that girl in my stats class.

2)Dude she let me fancy all over her huge breasts!

1&2)He not only had a fancy for her but made a fancy on her face.
by zoom4ever January 19, 2010
When a woman has a bit extra on her inner labia. Instead of using terms like "beef curtains" which are degrading, the term "fancy" will be applied.
Beauregard: My My Waldorf, your lady friend's neither lips certainly are fancy.

Waldorf: I know! Aren't they spectacular!
by Dezmodus November 28, 2007
Of and pertaining to an internet persona comprising of the characteristics of genius, oddness, hilarity and kindness in equal and abundant measure.
If more people on the internet were the exemplar of Fancy we'd be a step closer to world peace.
by Cookie-Monster April 17, 2006
fat; hefty; overweight
"That fancy fuck ate my sister."
by platypus421 October 28, 2006
A bunch of scribbles no one can understand
those greeks write very fancy.
by Travis Jones August 11, 2003
The area between the scrotum and anus.
That tickles my fancy.

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