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a vaginal shaped mexican food
(pronounced fa jye tars)
troy: pass us the fajitas nat?

nat: sure thing pervert
by troymusefan April 25, 2007
a taco like food with lettice, salsa, sour cream, and chicken or beef. taste super good! originally a mexican food but we americanized it.
dude i'm so hungry i want a friggin plate of fajitas!!
by lotus94 May 04, 2007
mexican good food ( mexicans are fat eat mucho fajitas )
california gringos are fat eat mucho fajitas. Its like sex just can't get enough!
by itichie_nocanpo July 01, 2006
To be cool, awesome, or neat.
Man! That car was totally fajitas!
by broox September 10, 2003