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Term used in the gym to indicate a 45-pound weight, used on an olympic barbell. Additionally, the term plate can be used to indicate another weight, when preceded by the number.
Ex1: Im benching 315 now! That's three plates on each side! ( 6x45 + 45 lb. bar )

Ex2: I bought a couple of 25 lb. plates for my home gym.

#weights #barbell #workout #fitness #lifting #bodybuilding
by TravisM April 01, 2006
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An act of oral sex i.e. Fellatio/cunnylingus.
Oi slut, give me a plate!
#blow job #dick sucking #drinking from the furry cup #goo guzzling #throating
by Bowlesy June 06, 2006
Cockney ryhming slang for feet. Derives from 'plates of meat'. As with all cockney rhyming slang, the rhyming part is not used in speech.
Christ look at the size of his plates (christ look at the size of his feet).
#feet #tootsies #feat #playts #kickers
by C Webb May 07, 2006
A pound of marijuana.
Buyer: aye you got that?
Dealer: what you need?
Buyer: lemme get a plate
#plate #pound #marijuana #weed #bud #selling #dealing #dealer #drugs
by Jakez September 30, 2012
A section of the crust of the earth, which is cracked. Each plate moves slowly over a very viscous thick liquid called the mantle, which itself covers a liquid metal core and solid inner core, mostly made of iron and nickle. These plates are called "tectonic" plates. These types of plates may make contact with each other in various ways to cause earthquakes and form volcanoes, trenches and mountains.
"The earthquake was cause at the plate boundery." the seperation of the two plates. Plates fit together like a jigsaw
by Alegna Smith June 02, 2005
Overall if a girl is flat; she could be flat chested or she could have a flat ass.

Front Plate - Flat Chested

Back Plate - Flat Ass
"the new girl is such a plate"

"the new girl is front plate"

"the new girl is back plate"
#flat #booty #pancake #curves #board
by Reider (helped no) February 18, 2014
Someone who is not popular, nor tries to be. Satisfied with where they stand in the social triangle.
She's not popular, but she doesn't try to be. She's a plate.
#pate #cracker #cheese #popular #unpopular
by Farahirah December 04, 2011
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