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An unbelievably hot pepper, reputed to have originated in Havana (La Habana), Cuba.

Often mispronounced by English speakers, the word should NEVER have a "y" sound: it's "hah bah NEH ro", NOT "hah bah NYEH ro". (The "h" is not pronounced in Spanish, but that's probably too much to ask of any gabacho.)
Bob's waiter did not understand why the habanero salsa looked like it hadn't been touched. Bob understood all too well.

The habanero pepper is deceptively un-hot looking: like a brilliant miniature smooth pumpkin.
by davarinofuntucson August 15, 2010
(UK) an employee of an automobile body repair shop who repairs body damage.
Ezra's an excellent panelbeater. You can't even see where the bonnet was crushed.
by davarinofuntucson June 12, 2013
(Chinese English) A penis, especially with its foreskin.
Is it true white boys don't have turtle head?
by davarinofuntucson June 13, 2013
In the printing trade:

1) a salesperson who can sell anything that needs to be sold.

2) someone in a printing sales office who knows the ins and outs of producing an unusual printing piece

3) a master of diversified print solutions
1) The stack was cut crooked, but our print pimp showed his customer that it was more noticeable that way. They ordered more just like it!

2) Our print pimp knew how to print those four color file folders.

3) You don't know how to get it printed? You need a print pimp.
by davarinofuntucson August 22, 2010
1. A verbal usage coined by or reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow. A Paltrowism is an elitist expression uttered with vacant ignorance of what 99% of the world knows by hard experience. Can generally be preceded by the noun "Gwyneth..." as subject of the sentence.

2. An ideology indulged in by Gwyneth, based on the inpenetrable perfection of Gwyneth and her knowledge that the world needs Gwyneth's deep level of enlightenment.

3. Bathos disguised as erudition.
"Conscious uncoupling" is a Paltrowism.

According to Paltrowism, single women working in an office for minimum wage have a much easier life than a hundred-millionaire actress who is financially secure enough to devote all her time to her children, except that she wants more than to be "just" a mother.

"Gwyneth, however, believes differently," is a Paltrowism when uttered by Gwyneth.
by davarinofuntucson March 28, 2014
(U.K.) Cursing, specifically saying "Bloody" this and "Bloody" that.
"If I hear someone effing and blinding in the street I give them a look." - Roy "Chubby" Brown (of all people!)
by davarinofuntucson June 08, 2013
A somewhat slighting reference to a person who has done something unpleasing. Meaning can range from "imp" almost to "jerk". Almost always humorous in one respect or another.
That grubbo took the seat I was saving for you.

He's not a grubbo, he's a true jerk!

You're such a grubbo, honey, when you take the last piece of cake just to do it.
by davarinofuntucson August 14, 2010

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