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A girl who helps her clueless guy friend pick out an engagement ring for his fiance. The duties of a lucky lady include:
1) Accompanying the helpless male to the jewelery store to choose a ring.
2) Trying on the ring (it helps if she has similar finger size as the fiance).
3) Discussing options for the proposal - setting, timing, etc.
4) Providing psychological support during this stressful time.
Johnny: Hey bro, did you get the ring for Susie yet?
Carl: Nah man, I don't know what to get...what if she doesn't like it or the ring doesn't fit?
Johnny: Dude just find a lucky lady! That'll solve all your problems.
Carl: Oh duh! Why didn't I think of that sooner?
by NotThatOriginal May 21, 2014
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