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children in Uganda who are being forced to become soldiers by the LRA, to fight against their government and their families. these children are forced to kill their families and friends. they are called invisible children because so many have no idea they exist, they live and die without record.
a group called the invisible children (founded by three college students who went to Uganda) found out about this war and are now trying to help them by building awareness, sending money, and have set up a station in Uganda to help these people.
today i found out about invisible children, you wouldn't belive what they go through.
by lotus94 May 04, 2007
a taco like food with lettice, salsa, sour cream, and chicken or beef. taste super good! originally a mexican food but we americanized it.
dude i'm so hungry i want a friggin plate of fajitas!!
by lotus94 May 04, 2007
emo has become a commonly used term which really degrades the real definition. For instance high schoolers who miss turning in their homework say they are going to become emo, if they break up with their girlfriends they are feeling suicidal, if they can't go anywhere for spring break they are going to cut their legs off. these are gross exaggerations that are often used mostly by non-emo high schoolers.

the definition of emo is someone (usually a teenager) who is depressed, suicidal, and self-mutilates. it really is no laughing matter, because alot of emo's kill themselves before they can get help, and heres a few facts just to clear things up; emo's are not goths, and they are not mello dramatic teens, often emos have seriously messed up worlds, and family lives. As weird as it sounds to the non emo the taking out all your aggression through cutting can be an amazing release.

Also, you often can't tell when you are in the presence of an emo, not the real emo's, they are the quiet kids who seem to have life all put together, or the ones everyone gave up on. being an emo is no joke, but hey that's just the opinion of a past emo.
by lotus94 April 16, 2007

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