Dylan, is this really cool guy..

sometimes an ass, but you still love him anyways!
he's easy to talk to, a great friend.. and someone you can depend on. unless he's with his fake ass friends...
he's crazy fun to be around, love's :3 faces

&& make's you laugh.. A LOT.
Dylan can brighten someones day instantly.
dylan is some goofy kid i meet in my bio class freshman year. (:
by :3whore. August 08, 2011
1. (noun) A guy who isn't afriad to be affectionate for the fun of it.
Also Dylan's may be playful.

Ironically they may be modest about their talents. They make close friendships easily but also let go of bad ones easily because they are laid back. You can trust their word since they can be candid and blunt in a good way.
Likely dislikes being around large #'s of people, yet their love is one of the most sincere love one may experience.

2. The name's meaning is related to power with the seas or water. It is also a Welsh name. Dylan can be a girl or guys name. Usually it is a guy's name.
Girl: "When I was camping up in the woods I made a cool friend for the time I stayed. I think he's pretty Dylan."

Dude 1:"Omg, is that a tsunami?"
Dude 2: "No it's just a dylan surfing on a dylan."
by onewonderforlife November 11, 2010
A girl who is really kind, pretty and extremely unconsciously funny!
Everyone loves her
Person1: hey who's that girl over there?
person2: Oh that's dylan, she's really fun to be around!
by notaninja99 November 27, 2011
Dylan, the cutest person ever, he has beautiful eyes and hair. He is so stunning people just love him.
"Hey look at Dylan isn't he so cute?"
by matty93 December 01, 2012
the most amazingest (not a word) person you'll ever meet in your life. when you feel completly like shit, he'll perk up your mood by just being there. hes a great kisser and really good at those "sexual things". he has really soft hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes that you could stare into for hours.
>>:Who's that guy over there?
<<:He has soft hair and gorgoeous brown eyes and he looks like he could be good at doing sexual things.

>>:He must be a Dylan
by TheBateMaster9000 January 31, 2011
A kindhearted person who comes across weird but is a good person who is secretly humble. Incredibly romantic would do anything for the girl he loves hoping that would feel the same way about him
Omg a guy got me flowers for no reason he's such a Dylan
by Chicken123 April 04, 2013
a dylan is the prettiest, sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is very loyal to the one(s) she loves (which most of the time is a lot becuase she is so fucking hot) and is always there for you. Shes fucking super hot and everybody wants to be a dylan (girl). She will make you laugh most of the time, more than other girls names, like jazmin, or one of those other ugly names. Some guys want to be a dylan guyd version... but the girl version is much better..sooooo...be a dylan
Holy shit look at dylan, i think i just wet my pants!
by iwannafuckyouharderer November 03, 2010

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