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(usually "for keeps")

a condition in which the consequences are total or permanent
This time, let's play for keeps.
by Eric December 02, 2003
41 8
"keep" is sarcastically said to someone you would like to stop doing something. Basically, it means "don't continue".
Sam, you're playing that music too loud. Keep!
by Rob October 30, 2004
52 37
a part of a castle
the castle keep
by Keep March 16, 2003
34 27
1. Slang for a word, statement, or object that is favored by others.

2. Anything that is good enough to be done again, a "keeper".
"Man, that shit was keep yo."
"That was mad keep."
by Mathias Rex September 24, 2008
12 6
when you want someone to stop talking or when the person says something stupid or when u just dont care about what the person is talking about.
hey bro i can make cookies...... oh yeah KEEP
by chris hanki February 11, 2008
17 14
To steal an object from another, To take without permission. To gyank something.

Also see steal
"O my god, that ass hat pulled a keep"

"I cant believe you keeped that from me"

"That nigga Jeff keeped those shoes right off his feet!"

"Dont try to keep anything from me, i got a security system nigga"
by GHOST February 22, 2005
4 11
The true leecher of xpire... i actually have screenshot proof anyone dare challenge?
Keep had 22 simultaneous downloads with 39 queued february 20 and filled up his 60 gb harddrive in one night
by Keep March 16, 2003
3 11