Dylan is a bright, bubbly person that everyone loves to be around. No matter what your mood is, he will never fail to make you smile. He is extremely easy to talk to, and you will never be bored, being around him. He doesn't care about what people think of him, he just likes to have fun.
Boy 1: Who's that idiot over there?
Boy 2: Oh, that's just Dylan.
Boy 3: He's a funny guy
by Cheerleader4567 November 30, 2012
One of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.
Somewhat famine, but so adorable.
Easy to fall for, but it's worth it.
Can make your day perfect from just seeing him.
Everything is perfect with him in the picture.
With him, you can't hate anything in the world.
Dylan just made my day.
Dylan makes the world go round.
by ufihsnvfuinv April 16, 2011
a dylan is the prettiest, sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is very loyal to the one(s) she loves (which most of the time is a lot becuase she is so fucking hot) and is always there for you. Shes fucking super hot and everybody wants to be a dylan (girl). She will make you laugh most of the time, more than other girls names, like jazmin, or one of those other ugly names. Some guys want to be a dylan guyd version... but the girl version is much better..sooooo...be a dylan
Holy shit look at dylan, i think i just wet my pants!
by iwannafuckyouharderer November 03, 2010
Most awesome person you will ever meet!
Ted: did you meet the new guy
Barney: Hes a Dylan... Hes AWESOME!
by awequiteabit May 15, 2011
The most amazzing guy in the school. The guy who makes you laugh. And the guy who makes you smile just by looking at him. The guy whos HOT. The guy who looks cute when he puts a flower behind his ear ;) The guy a girl couldnt resist falling in love with eg. ME The guy who makes other guys look plain ILOVEHIM he is the most amazzing guy ever and he is really HOT!!
C.A: Have you met that dylan guy?
S.T: Yeah his HOT and looking cute with the flower behind his ear he makes other guys look plain and I couldnt resist falling in love with him his the most amazzing guy ever.
by HOT/CUTE/SEXY August 06, 2011
Dylan is an awesome person. You never want him to be mad at you but you know you could never be mad at him. Sometimes he can be a little weird and crazy at times but you love him uncontrollably. Once you know a Dylan they will most likely mean the world to you or at lest be in your life for a while. They are loveable, crazy, sweet, shy at times, but once you know them they are outgoing. Dylans are trustworthy and will never hurt you. If you are in a relationship with one, cherish him for you may just loss him, he will most likely not leave you. He will try his hardest not to hurt you and want you to be really happy and loving life. Dylans are cute, sensitive, caring but crazy and irresistible. They express themselves though music and things they like. They stay dedicated and can always make you laugh.
Person 1: "See that kid over there?"
Person 2: "Yeah?!"
Person 1: "He's a Dylan"
Person 2: "I know. and he's my Dylan"
Person 2: "I love him uncontrollably" <3
by happinessisinyou October 10, 2013
He is such an amazing guy. He will always be there for you. He knows when something is wrong right away. He will ask you what's wrong because he cares a lot. He's a loving guy. You'd be lucky to have a Dylan. He loves and cares a lot for his girlfriend. He will do anything for his girlfriend. Even though he can be a jerk sometimes.
Dylan: Hey babe

Dylan: What's wrong?
Dylan:no tell me
Me: I'm mad at you
Dylan: babe I'm so sorry for what I did I never meant to hurt you in anyway. I love you and only you
by Loved1114 December 23, 2012
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