A dylan is someone with a HUGE ASS DICK.he loves to make girls happy cuz hes nice like tht.hes most likely to fuck them later on.can be a perv at times.but every one luvs him and all the girls want to have hot and steamy sex with him cuz hes just so sexy.if ur a guy and kno a dylan give him a high five or if ur a girl suck on tht shit or fuck him FURREAL!!!!!
girl1:o you kno dylan
girl2:yea why?
girl1:i hit tht shit last nite hes HUGE i mean my legs r still sore!
girl2:man ima get me sum of tht!!
by secretmonkey July 07, 2010
a boy who really likes one person and will never give up trying for that one girl! (: and he is cute! (:
omg is that dylan!
by elyza snodgrass February 04, 2013
Dylan is the most kind hearted guy. He will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. He can always make you laugh no matter how sad you are. If you ever meet a Dylan keep him in your grasp, he will be a long lasting friend. He is never ashamed of what he does. he has a perfect smile.
Dylan is the best guy ever
by someone that you use to know January 21, 2013
The most amazing guy to walk this earth. He is sweet, funny, caring, gorgeous, happy and sweet. He would walk to the ends of the world for the people he cares about. He isn't one to get jealous and he's always there to listen or offer you a shoulder to cry on. He will send you flowers on your birthday or ask you to the homecoming dance by writing on your driveway. He will never ever let you forget how much he cares about you or how lucky he is to have you. He is the guy every girl should want.
You know Dylan, my amazing boyfriend? ♥
by ronaldmacdonald January 18, 2011
A Welsh name based off of the mythological Welsh character Dylan Ail Don. It can be interpreted as meaning 'sea god', 'great sea', or 'ocean'. Popular name in Wales.
That man's name is Dylan.
by BrofusBroMan February 28, 2010
Dylan, is this really cool guy..

sometimes an ass, but you still love him anyways!
he's easy to talk to, a great friend.. and someone you can depend on. unless he's with his fake ass friends...
he's crazy fun to be around, love's :3 faces

&& make's you laugh.. A LOT.
Dylan can brighten someones day instantly.
dylan is some goofy kid i meet in my bio class freshman year. (:
by :3whore. August 08, 2011
Dylan a cute lovable horney as hell guy with a big hard one and loves to make girls feel great and smile. a best friend to anyone and a great companion. a huge complement
loves it when girls email him like this dylan his email is

man dylan just made my day
thank you for the dylan
man that dylan rocks when you get him going
by rip you deep March 18, 2010
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