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Usually a kid who wears flared jeans. Aka Mom Jeans.

-An expert on how to use Nasonex
A Dylan explained how to use Nasonex to his Granny, all while wearing mom jeans.
#dylan #flared #jeans #nasonex #flare #mom #granny #expert
by TheBong July 01, 2014
a phrase describing a person that is physically or mentally outcasted from society due to an undeseriable trait/flaw in looks, intelligence, or personality, usually manifesting their hatred and low self esteem by combating all rebuttles from society using the trite and over used word "care"

someone who recieves in bed.
wow look at that downie over there, he looks as bad as he smells. care? wow your such a dylan

wow, i was a dylan last night in bed when we engaged in rough butt sex.
#penis #gay #homo #names #phrases
by rofltittytastic July 08, 2009
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